No person shall be denied admission to Christian Care Home on the basis of sex, creed, color, origin, age or handicap.  We will admit persons whose needs and conditions can be met by the accommodations and services available at the facility.

Admission forms will be discussed and completed prior to or at the time of admission.

All residents and guardians or responsible party must meet with the Christian Care Home financial department prior to or at the time of admission.

The resident and guardian or responsible party shall have freedom of choice of physician, dentist, and other paramedical services.

The resident and guardian or responsible party will be informed and given a copy of Resident’s Bill of Rights prior to or at the time of admission.

A plan of care will be developed for each resident based on his or her medical findings, resident interviews, assessments, social data and physician orders.

Personal items are welcomed and will make the resident feel more comfortable and a home-like environment.

To apply with state regulations and for the safety of the residents certain items cannot be kept in residents’ room (Will discuss during admission). 



  Day of Admission

Please Bring In The Following:

Medicare, Medicaid, & any private insurance cards.

Power of Attorney, Guardianship documents, Health Care Directives, Living Wills(We must have a copy in our files)

Clothing (seasonal appropriate) for one week.  Please include socks & under garments as well as shoes, jacket, sweater & coat.

All clothing & personal items must be put on inventory sheet in residents file.

All clothing and personal items must be labeled with permanent marker.

Any new items bought in after admission must be labeled and added to residents’ inventory sheet at nurse station.

Valuables cannot be kept in resident’s room as the facility is not responsible. Valuables can be kept in the safe in the business office.

Phone service is the responsibility of resident/resident family.

If family chooses to do laundry they must provide a fireproof hamper for soiled clothing.

All electronically operated equipment must pass a safety check prior to use at the facility.  Please permanently label all devices.

Per OSHA regulations, household extension cords are not allowed.

Food may be brought in, but me conform to resident’s diet & be in airtight containers.  Please see nurse!

No medications may be bought into the facility at any time.

Thank you for considering Christian Care Home, for over 100 years we have been providing exceptional care for the elderly & disabled.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need more information.

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